For artists

The Mihail Chemiakin Center welcomes the participation of all interested professionals in the Musee Imaginaire project.  In 2019 collaboration will take two forms:

I. For artists, architects and performers 

We are currently accepting entries for the upcoming “Stairs in Art” exhibition, April — October. Applicants should submit individual artistic projects on the theme of stairs, ladders, stepladders, steps, designed for the exhibition space.  Projects can be presented as a group of works to be shown, or an installation, or a site-specific performance work. 

Artists whose projects are selected will be invited to present their work at the exhibition, in the form of a one-man show or performance. 

The Mihail Chemiakin Center accepts entries in all media, from classical painting, graphics and sculpture to the performing, digital and audiovisual arts. Theatrical, circus and open space projects may be invited as one-time events for the exhibition.

Project scale is not limited to the Center’s space on Sadovaya ulitsa.  We also welcome miniature or large public art projects designed to be placed on facades, in parks, on the streets and squares of St. Petersburg.

Entries should be submitted with high-quality images of artworks or video projects by e-mail, the application form can be downloaded here.

Deadline for entries — March 15, 2019.

Exhibition space №1

Exhibition space №2

II. For Museums

The Center welcomes cooperation with regional museums throughout the Russian Federation and abroad.  For 10 years the Center has shared the research portion of its thematic exhibitions from the Musee Imaginaire project with other museums, and coordinated extensive interactive programs related to each exhibition.  The research material is displayed in one room of the museum, and a second room is reserved for input by local artists and scholars into the project.

An important part of the project is a juried competition for artists in the region where the exhibition takes place.  Works selected from the competition are shown at the museum, demonstrating the diversity of views and concepts of contemporary artists on the stated theme.

Information about upcoming competitions is published on the website of the Center

1. The Sphere in Art

2. The Reaper: Images of Death in Art

3. Cries in Art

4. Monsters in Art

5. The Hand in Art

6. Not made for walking: Shoes in Art

7. Chairs in Art

8. Children in Art

9. Out of Focus: Blurred images in Art

10. Cuts in Art

11. The Metaphysical Head in Art

12. The Automobile in Art

13. Letters, Words, Text in Art

14. Clothing in Art

15. The Square in Art

16. Swaddled, Bandaged, Wrapped Figures and Objects in Art